*heavy breathing* *whispers* tomorrow. tomorrow i catch my bus to go to VanCon. o.o

tomorrow night i will be at karaoke with RSJ Rob Matt and whoever else decides to join. 

oh Gods. i feel faint. 

*panic intensifies* IF THIS IS A DREAM DON’T YOU DARE WAKE ME. 

also. i may or may not be bringing a big bag of dicks. *shifty* 

i’m totally mature. all grown up and stuff. 

BIG BAG OF DICKS VANCON OMG I AM DIE just have to remember to breathe when i attempt to sing RSJ AND ROB AND MATT


Awh yih look at that fancy graphic hmm totally not just the opening scene to Treasure Planet with some text over it pffActually almost at 1.6k but shh
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Tbh if I’ve talked to you like once or you post a lot of Richard then ily.
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I hope I didn’t forget anyone ;u; You’re all amazing <33


Awh yih look at that fancy graphic hmm totally not just the opening scene to Treasure Planet with some text over it pff
Actually almost at 1.6k but shh

Hella Rad Bbs B) 

Tbh if I’ve talked to you like once or you post a lot of Richard then ily.

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I hope I didn’t forget anyone ;u; You’re all amazing <33

wat o.o i've never gotten a follow before i may or may not be squeaking loudly I FEEL SO LOVED



Anyone going to VanCon next weekend?

If so, may I beg very nicely for pictures of Richard from Friday?  Well, any day, actually, but especially Friday the 22nd.



*coughs politely*


*bounces excitedly* I’LL BE AT VANCON! only able to go to karaoke on friday, but i’m there all day saturday! 

vancon so excited can't frikkin wait

what happens when i have too long a conversation with dates-with-cas

Sam and Dean are out shopping. they get to the milk and Sam casually says


Dean turns to Sam with a shocked look “what? no. no way.”

"who told you? they were lying. was it Cas? dammit i told him not to mention it. it was one time, it doesn’t mean anything. ok. well. maybe it happened a few times, but it wasn’t gay, man. it was an experiment. for science. yea. ok, you know what, fine. yea. you gonna be like that, yes. i’m a little gay for Cas. but only Cas. ok, maybe i checked out that soldier on the way in here, but i just like the uniform, ok? god dammit Sammy why do you have to press at me so damn hard?!?"

Sam blinks at him and slowly points to the milk

"ok, we can get 2 percent then…."

i really dunno we may have been hyper is this a ficlet? or just random brain-spew i laughed way too hard at this homo milk amuses me

so, brief apology to anyone waiting for more art thing updates, kinda in the middle of a whirlwind of a shitstorm right now. 

renovating bits of my current home, slowly moving into a new one, going through the garbage related to becoming a single mother, and preparing to go to VanCon this month, and lots of other small accumulating things.

it’s a mix of good and bad, but enough crap is happening that i haven’t had much time for my art lately. i’ll get back to updating art things as soon as i have time. 

personal myart i hate moving hate it so many back to a regular schedule as soon as i can loves to all


When Dean wakes up, at first he doesn’t realize anything is out of the ordinary. Even after two years, he’s still not used to the idea of sharing a bed, but as soon as he realizes that he fell asleep next to someone last night, next to Cas, panic sets in. He forces himself calm because Cas is probably up making breakfast or in the shower. He frowns a little at the second option because Cas usually waits for him to shower, and he likes showering with Cas. Pointedly not pouting, Dean makes his way up to the kitchen, pretending he’s only checking the shower room to stop and brush his teeth. Before he eats.

Sam is in the kitchen when he finally slumps in, Cas is not.

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